Notes: !Odd Long Day!

Fundraising for a good fuck party – going door to door, skirt to skirt, hem to hem, collecting consent with thin Bob Parker microphone, battery pack blinking and a grooved on/off push switch.  ON – do you consent to being in a fuck party?  YES – I consent.  Buttons fly open and breasts fall out.  Dicks lay lie puss snakes on the hardwood floor.  OFF – each corner of the room is a cardinal direction.  ON – Do you consent to being a skin actor in the sex party this evening?  YES – consent recorded.  Megabyte download and stored right on the desktop EVERYONE’S CONSENT in sky blue rectangle folders 100 pixels below the hard drive. 

“You got a threesome in you”

ON – consent microphones humming in-between nipple clamps and stirrups.  He answers YES. 


Another by the window – push pops and the angry fist – all bundled up in cellophane and space blankets.  Yelling about something from folds of plastics.  ON – microphone slipped under the top of the bundle – I want to stick my fist in you and I want us to pretend like its not happening - can I?  YES: Microphone Record OFF.


A trash can full of wine leans against a stained glass window and the room is temperature controlled by a booth somewhere upstairs. 

ON – consent microphone humming

“I think I want to go to sleep”


“I’m too tired to have sex in front of you”


Pushing the electronic foam oval further into the space of the conversation, recording nuance, recording pause and lip movements, recording body positioning. 

“Roll Over”