Splendor All Around is a collective of musicians, artists, technicians and documentarians that performs and tours in a 1986 International diesel school bus called Splendor.  Splendor has taken three extended tours along the West Coast, breaking down numerous times and playing over 50 shows in caves, driveways, squat houses, churches, and, of course, the bus.  Hosting numerous traveling artists, Splendor All Around consists of a core of ~20 artists primarily from the SF Bay Area, South East and New York City.  

In 2016, Splendor All Around will be releasing a documentary feature covering the first three tours.  Our hope is to pioneer an artist-friendly hack to the music-industrial complex– laying out big maps, cutting through the Rocky Mountains, and bringing Splendor to the Eastern seaboard. Look for us in the American South West this Fall!

Based in Berkeley, CA we are part media house, part welding chop shop – we try to couple our digital and analog skills to produce an intimate and involved cultural experience.  Future Dreams/Project include: more buses, record label, recording grants, membership, bus cinema, recording studio, european buses and more.  This work is supported booking various paid gigs.  Have us over to your parking lot (or wedding, or funeral, or company function, or birth, or birthday party) for a magical night of music and we'll certainly use your money for something artistic and fantastic.   

Splendor All Around is open to all channeling musicians.  

Please contact us if you are touring, need a mobile stage or just wanna kick it in the Bay.