Days 1,2,3: North

Day 1: Mendocino

On Friday we got up bright and early to haul ass to Mendocino Magic, a private property in Mendocino, where some festival-organizing folks were having an appropriately rad triple birthday party. There was a swimming hole, loaded blackberry bushes, a pig on a spit, and, of course, us. The lineup for the night was Pancho Morris, me (Rosie Cima), Dave Deporis, a short set by a guest named Henry (Henry if you're out there reach out and I'll include your last name/link your stuff!), and then a DJ set by Whitney Freedman. We pitched the bus' ingenious little side stage, and Whitney and Adam J. "Ready" Richman rigged up responsive light sculptures as part of the set design.

Dave saw some phantom bobcats in the middle of his set and might've freaked some of the audience out. Pancho really outdid himself as MC that night, evidenced by this video of him stalling for time between sets. I had a real good time.

Day 2: Inverness


Saturday, we got going a little less bright and early and pulled into Isis Hockenos' driveway around 3. Mikayla McVey set up a 12-act extravaganza that burned from 6:30 til real late. A barn that used to be part of the infrastructure of an old railroad served as our stage.

I helped start the ceremonies as the Rosie half of Teddy/Rosie, then Big Kitty took the stage and brought the house down with the family band. Rebecca Marcyes followed up, sang a beautiful/hilarious/gentle-razor-sharp new-to-me song about East Bay dating, then Rain and Left made me believe in love again with their jazz/country/folksy/married/van-life thing. Then Oil Derek (who is visiting from VA) played a set and roped his old friend/mentor/music-bizness-hero Ramblin' Jack Elliot into a duet.

After a brief intermission Katie Wheeler-Dubin read some of her poetry, including from her recently published zine about being a twin. Then, the lovely-and-damn-capable-and-did-I-mention-lovely MC Mikayla McVey played a set to bring us back with songs from her upcoming album, holy golden does love hurt. Little Arcs, a new, young, outrageously talented psych pop choral trio with rock instrumentation played after her. Desiree Canon played after them, a powerful voice carrying soulful country/folk. Dave Deporis played after her and had no trouble filling the little barn with Wolves.

There were lots and lots of dogs in the audience and they were all cute and some of them barked whenever there was any amount of applause.

At this point I was a little delirious, and my memory is getting fuzzy but I'm pretty sure this is when local poet Xerxes Whitney took the stage, and performed a poem about joy, and loving his body despite being born with cerebral palsy, which jolted everybody in the room back to life. Pancho Morris played after him and played us out, bringing Splendor-dad Wiley Rogers on the stage for the very last few songs.

It took a hot minute to clear the barn into a dance floor and then local DJ Katie Eberle taught us how to boogie.

Day 3: Berkeley (Empress Vintage)

The show on Sunday was my responsibility, so woke up a little earlier than every one else. I ditched the bus and took a strike team of strong women down to Berkeley with the PA, to set up. We were playing Empress Vintage, a fabulous used clothing store on Alcatraz, with an gorgeous backyard and stage.

The bus, most of the performers, and our sound tech (Wiley), weren't far behind. World psych ukulele pop band Walktell went on at 2, played a song in 7 esoteric languages, and was the perfect way to start the day. Rebecca Marcyes had to leave for a very fancy dinner date at 2:40 and played a very classy short set, in a very fabulous dress purchased from our host venue. I (Rosie Cima) followed her up looking a lot scruffier, and Oil Derek, who (I've said this eight times already but) I'm really happy is with us, went after me.

Katie Wheeler-Dubin read a different set of poems, one about the gym and vanity and healthy selfishness, and some out of her twin zine to her actual twin Erica in the audience. I didn't actually meet Erica and only know her name cause of the poem and hopefully she doesn't think it's weird I'm mentioning her presence with such enthusiasm here.

Next, finger-picking golden-throated mountain man Ed Masuga and his niece took the stage carrying on the theme of toddlers threatening to steal our thunder. MC Pancho Morris, who really is an inspiration to us all, played the last full set -- including a lot of brand spanking new material. Then Walktell played two songs to close out, and to plug his August 4th album release. He was giving away posters of his album art (by Splendor graphic designer Jeremy Yinling), with advance digital download codes written on the back.

Then, we had about 20 minutes to haul all the gear out, before Janina and the very friendly Empress Vintage staff closed up for the night.

Days 4 and 5 were blessed days of rest, which are now, equally blessedly, over. The tour starts again today! Join us in Emeryville tonight (we were going to post up on Grizzly Peak, but Grizzly Peak caught fire!) Here are the remaining Gas Cap dates:

Wednesday 8/2 -- ANP (Emeryville -- Grizzly Peak show moved)

Thursday 8/3 -- Women of Splendor (Oakland)

Friday 8/4 -- Visual Art Night (First Fridays, Oakland)

Saturday 8/5 -- (Fremont)

Sunday 8/6 -- (Los Gatos)