Eliot Eidelman's 5 Spirit Tour!

Eliot Eidelman sallies forth on a quixotic adventure in a green Ford Aerostar, rambling around the Western Pacific Seaboard playing house shows and DIY venues, for the release of his new album, 5 Spirits.  Check out the new Album and buy it!!  Eliot Eidelman will be releasing a fresh album recorded at the BombShelter studio in Nashville, TN.  


Here are some pictures from the first 3 weeks on the road with Eliot Eidelman.  

Recordings and Podcasts From the 5 Spirits Tour

I'm so lucky to have ended up on a podcast with a lot of my all-time favorite music... Syd Barrett, The Fugs, Brian Wilson, Incredible String Band, Kate Bush, Captain Beefheart and a lot more! Cool new stuff too! Listen to this:www.mount-analogue.com/earlash
Also I'm mike watt's podcast this weekwww.twfps.com

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