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And as for bad Baloo,   He’s no longer threatining our heads with steel toed boots,   I hear a tid bit through the vines,   when the fruit is ripe,   Baloo sets his feet to mashin,  crammin pounds of purple into caskets,  Way to busy for skull smashing.

And as for Quick Montana,   who bent blades around our necks,   I hear he’s grown ups,  two kids that throws ups all the veggies he’s been dicin,   Carrots long sliced and Brocoli NO STEM,   Hands grip full of juice boxes,   no time to knife touch us

Ya and as for Skinny Gus,   who walked like a fish wile he cussed,   and talked about women while he pissed,   and fussed with his dick while it cummed,   He who used to leave stains in the pavement from his greasy sneakers,   Ya I hear he’s a school teacher.

Did you catch the news on Subtle Susan?,   Like, I heard she’s choosin to keep the baby,   even though Doug the cougar flew the states,   cooped up in a room with a belly full of babe,   maybe make anyone crazy,and thats why she had to do it,    Ya know go through with it,   get the head body out her system,   no kiddin.

Oh and about Mirror Bob,   He hung himself on a wall,   taught from a rafter like a log,   with a pretense for pretending,   Dad and mom watched and let the body swing,   Rotting like a fish on the hook,   after one look the cops booked the whole damn family,   I guess thats what it took.

Remember Robert Fearless,   who killed the coon with his teeth,   ya he fuckin friecked on his girl for a quief that knocked him of her back,   Iraq vet and all he had her burried in a sac of fist and kicks,   ya he’s sittin stiff in prison probably liften weights to train for days distant,  when he can squeeze the new man his girls a giftin.


Holy shit what happened to these people we once knew, ol grown up an new.