Last good tooth - sky diving accident


Skydiving Accident by Last Good Tooth on Grooveshark

NotesNotesNotes:  Across floor boards, skitching from dimpled grain towards the back patio door, towards the rain and boom thrust of lighting.  Crawling, palms and nails across antebellum cypress, shutters pushed and pulled back and forth across glass.  Wood to tile and the downward slopes of a kitchen, hidden except to the patient sweep and broom, students of pitch and dust’s easiest path.  The deck is covered with venomn catapillars.  Hundreds of bee stingers flexing and girating as the ground goliath makes its accent into the oak tree.  Dark and beautiful.  Food beneath those spines.  Like ripe mulberry’s falling and staining the ground.  Hints of bacon grits scatter the tiles.