Here's to John Wesley Hardin - Moon Dog

 Notes: (((((WhatDoYouDoEveryDay)))))

Here’s to John Wesley Hardin by Moondog on Grooveshark

Are screens moving closer to me?  The space between my laptop and the edge of the desk narrows over the course of the day, eventually the bright machine is humming in my lap like a puppy dog and I tuck it in to my covers at night like a shivering lover.  Is it unreasonable to believe that I’m not in control?  That some magnetic pulse of silicon is actively and consciously vying for my attention, my view shed, my bedside table even my love.  A million Iphones leaning towards us as we lean towards them, what eye contact!  What beautiful connectedness and focus!  On subway, on plane, on streets my beauty I am all yours or you are all mine.  I got a dumb phone and I still pull it from my pocket staring at the 100-pixel polar iceberg background.  These are habits and the are quiet strong – actuated 100s of times a week in the dark, amongst loved ones, in bedrooms, in the mornings.  What an amazing collective habit we have built for ourselves, what buy in! I am a host to this technology that harvests my oddities and patterns.  I willingly provide battery power, endure loading wheels, sift through adds; it knows who I want to talk to – where I want to eat – what I need to do and I worship it.