Britney's Back - The Love Language



Hot tub chunks, floating dead ants and the cypress trees are finally making our neighbors disappear in shadow.  I baked up a green smoothie - almonds, blueberries, chia seeds, flax powder, water – back on the liquid diet - seems easier than trying to cook anything and disguises my lack of kitchen inspiration.  I just emailed her and told her that I like to date several people at once - which is the reality, but not really the truth - I’ve never been very good at telling people I can’t love them.  Big artsy plans for the new year and last night I rolled 30 joints into origami patterns with Seth Rogen as my guide  Trying to make big stories again - going on oddly timed sailing adventures.  I wonder when the internet will make me happy?  When some beautiful designer will realize the dreadful potency of all this human slop and create a giant electronic womb for me to visit and be at peace in.