A Leap in the Night - Silian Rail

notes: ^i'mAbigBerryPie^

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Naw that’s just the smell of fresh paint in your childhood bedroom - covering layers of teethmarks, stickers and etched initials.  A big blanket of white, still a bit sticky and reflective.  Throw tarps and paint cans lining the edge of the desk you used to climb under as a child and over as a teen to slip out the window.  The room is a place to evaluate: distance traveled, degrees earned, worlds changed, people loved; sometime I sit in my childhood bed wrapped in the impressions of a lifetime, folded between the stories I can tell now.  Other days I return to this room with a stomach disgust, stagnant blood, landed too close to the nest and spent his life climbing back up the filial tree with broken wings.  This room can be a canon shooting me towards the possibilities of life, or it can be a cage where I stew in safety, waiting for the perfect patterns to blink the beacons of my future.  It’s strong magic.  It’s bone white now.  Reflective and sticky to the touch.