Session Videos : $80

I'll film and edit a session video for you.  It might be like these :: we can envision something totally different too.

Booking Agent Fees : 15%

I'm looking to take on artists and bands looking to play out in the Bay Area.  I do most of the booking for Splendor All Around and am beginning to build relationships with other DIY venues as well as brick and mortar spots.  Send your tunes over to  If we jibe we jibe;)  

Album Reviews: Beers

Want your album reviewed on Splendor All Around's website.  Invite me to your house party!  Send my your EP.  Buy me a few beers:)  I like writing about music.  Here is a blurb:

Eliot Eidelman's album "5 Spirits" is thought rock masterpiece.  Daniel Day Lewis rides into town naked on a horse with this album in his fists before spreading eagle and ascending into the heavens.  El Paso is the safest city in America.  Laura is a holy holy jam.  The complex drumming and liquid slide guitar all accentuate Eliot's masterful chord progressions and confident vocals.
Eliot and Evan (the dogman) have baked, cooked, marinated, distilled and spiced a serious sound de jour.  Tyler Nuffin, slinky on the slide guitar, adds a new dimension to the stream crossing duo.  Tyler's sound engineering is authentic and professional, instantly classic, way bigger than a submarine. Noticeable growth from the duo's previous releases together - "The California Sun," and the "The Shining." 
We're eager to hear anything Eliot makes.  Jams and Lullabies.  This album is hot and classic.  Give it a hero's listen.






Demo Recording in the Cabin : $40 half day $70 full day  

Come record a demo in the cabin!  Strictly Demos:)  This is a low-fi studio experience built around experimenting, low costs, and getting ideas recorded.  Very different than an expensive, high fi studio.  I'm working on my recording chops and will serve as best I can throughout the day.  We'll get something rough - but we'll get something!  Cabin isn't big enough for drum kits and big bands.  Best suited for solo musicians looking to catalogue songs and make cool bootleg tapes!:)

Gear List: